Seaspray Half-Year Investment Review & Outlook 2021

Introduction……….. Since the release of our 2021 Investment Outlook in January as we expected, we have seen vaccination roll-outs accelerating and lockdown measures gradually easing. As western countries have fully vaccinated the vulnerable within their populations and are now providing vaccines for adults of all ages, we are really starting to see some light at […]


Introduction……… Markets in general have been relatively subdued over the past month, with the main equity indices either side of the Atlantic grinding slowly higher, as the VIX (S&P 500 volatility) index recently saw 15-month lows at an intra-day print last week of $15.15. This gentle trade higher for risk assets comes after the temporary […]

We’re Hiring! Pension, Protection & Investment Administrator

June 2021. Seaspray Private is recruiting a Pensions, Protection & Investment Administrator for its Cork City office. This exciting opportunity for an ambitious financial adviser is currently taking applications. Please click here for full details or view the job spec below: Please forward your CV in the strictest confidence to Seaspray Financial Services Ltd […]


The last month has been relatively quiet for financial markets, as volatility rests near 15-month lows, as the western world prepares for the highly anticipated re-openings this summer. The United States, who are still averaging about 2 million inoculations per day, have over the past week surpassed 45% of their population in terms of first […]


Since our 2021 investment outlook in January, equity markets, depending on the region, have traded flat to slightly higher. While this was not a completely smooth journey for risk assets, when we take a look back at the last couple of months we are reminded that opportunities are constantly presenting themselves within markets if we […]


A Time to Heal….Over the past month or so, we have seen investor sentiment swing down and then up, with relatively large market moves in both directions as these markets continuously attempted to accurately price the risks to either side. While we acknowledge that some risks to the downside still do prevail, we maintain our […]

Structured Product Investments – An integral part of the Portfolio Asset Allocation and Diversification story

by Danny O’Leary, Head of Seaspray Private, Oct 2020 Structured Product Investments – An integral part of the Portfolio Asset Allocation and Diversification story In this article, we take a detailed look at a non-traditional investment strategy – Structured Products; What are Structured Products? Is there a market for Structured Products? Is there a coherent […]