This is the bedrock of our belief system within Seaspray Private. Everything we do is guided by this core value.

Our Focus is You

At Seaspray Private we dedicate our time and resources to create the most appropriate risk adjusted investment solutions for you. These solutions form the framework for robust, sustainable investment portfolios built specifically for your investment and risk parameters. Our consistent client engagement and review process enables agility and change when you may require it.

We have carefully developed our investment philosophy, drawing on academic research, over 100 years combined industry experience, together with consultation and partnerships with both domestic and internationally recognised best in class Investment houses. We know that by implementing the correct asset allocation decisions it is proven to be a more reliable strategy for producing positive returns than any other factor.

Meet The Team

Danny O’Leary

CEO of Seaspray Private

Brian Walsh


Adele Taylor

Director of Client Services

Deirdre O’Sullivan

Senior Wealth Manager

Gordon Gunning

Senior Wealth Manager

Irene Ledwith

Senior Financial Planner

Mark O’Leary

Marketing, Operations and IT Manager

Paul Buckley

Financial Consultant

Victor Danylyuk

Investment Manager