Relationships build over many years and with over 100 years of combined industry experience, the dedicated team at Seaspray Private will work with you to provide best investment advice in a full, fair and transparent manner, to create, grow and protect your wealth across generations.

Our aim is to be your Trusted Investment Adviser

A key element of our investment philosophy is the desire to create positive, long term sustainable and responsible investment solutions and portfolios for our clients. There is a clear trend towards investment in Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), with more clients actively pursuing companies and investment opportunities in the ESG space.

ESG Investing enables clients to invest in a responsible manner and achieve returns in line with their risk tolerance.

Responsible and
Sustainable Investing

With climate change disrupting global ecosystems, and debates surrounding social and economic justice moving to the fore, new generations of investors are taking a more holistic view of how they want to put their money to work. Many are adopting ESG strategies to help them look beyond solely monetary returns but also ensuring that their money is being used in a sustainable, responsible, and impactful manner.

Our clients are now giving due consideration to how their investments impact their community and contribute to the greater social and corporate good. The investment decision goes beyond ethics or ideals and is firmly rooted in companies which place ESG principles front and centre, and which benefit from increased profitability and higher valuations as a result.

Working Together

To Understand Your Goals and Objectives