Monthly Investment Update – July & August 2020

As we edge towards the end of the most highly anticipated earnings season since the Great Financial Crisis, volatility and daily traded volumes have remained low, as is often the case with investment markets during the summer months. Looking back at our 2020 Investment Outlook from the New-Year feels somewhat surreal given the events that […]

Half-Year Investment Review & Outlook

Summary After an extremely volatile first quarter, in which the world underwent some massive changes in a very short period of time, not to mention the fastest 30% drawdown in the history of global equities, the global economy spent much of Q2 getting itself back on track, with the reopening of individual economies each in […]

Covid -19, A Good News Mortgage Story!

July 1st, 2020 Covid -19, A Good News Mortgage Story! Clients get lender approval during lockdown…. Caroline O’Sullivan ,Co. Meath ,moving into her new home ,pictured with Seaspray Mortgages MD, Paul McGowan. Caroline started the mortgage application process with Seaspray during lockdown and completed at the end of June. Evidence that for mortgages, it’s business as usual for […]

Is it Time to Take a Look at your Investment Portfolio?

June 25th, 2020 By Adele Taylor, Head of Client Services, Seaspray Private. As the 2020 market rollercoaster continues it is really important for long term investors not to trade on emotions; Sticking to your goals and objectives and staying invested, whilst challenging in these uncertain times, is now more important than ever.    Of critical importance […]

Seaspray launches wealth division led by ex-BoI Private Banking staff

Seaspray Financial, the asset management firm founded by former Dolmen Stockbrokers chief Paul McGowan, has launched a Private division led by former Bank of Ireland (BoI) Private Banking executives. Seaspray Private wealth management already has about 150 clients with at least €500,000 to invest – much of it recently committed to structured products designed to […]

9 Reasons to Choose a Mortgage Broker Instead of Applying Directly to a Bank

Should I Use a Mortgage Broker or a Bank? Short answer? You should use a mortgage broker, of course! Specifically, Seaspray Financial Services. But of course we would say that, so let’s examine the main benefits of using a mortgage broker versus applying to a bank directly. 1. Advice on Multiple OptionsQuite simply, a bank will […]

What happens if you miss a monthly Premium on your Protection policy during the Covid 19 Crisis?

April 20th, 2020 What are the consequences if you miss a monthly Premium for your Protection policy? ** In these unprecedented times we are all being advised to ‘manage our cashflow’ and cut back on unnecessary expenditure in order to get through this crisis. One effective way to do this is to do a full […]

We Are Hiring!

Financial Advisor Location: National Payment: Not Disclosed Terms: Permanent | Full Time Job Description: Seaspray Financial Services Ltd is a new and exciting financial advisory and wealth management business. The founder of the firm has over 30 years in the wealth management world and has recently launched the firm to offer financial services to both […]