Since our 2021 investment outlook in January, equity markets, depending on the region, have traded flat to slightly higher. While this was not a completely smooth journey for risk assets, when we take a look back at the last couple of months we are reminded that opportunities are constantly presenting themselves within markets if we […]

No access to retirement benefits from age 50 under new proposals

Now may be the opportune time to review any retained pension benefits you may have, before these proposals become law. Government eyes more simple pensions and abolition of multiple products Pension savers will no longer be able to access their retirement benefits from the age of 50 under new proposals from Government, which also recommend […]


A Time to Heal….Over the past month or so, we have seen investor sentiment swing down and then up, with relatively large market moves in both directions as these markets continuously attempted to accurately price the risks to either side. While we acknowledge that some risks to the downside still do prevail, we maintain our […]

Structured Product Investments – An integral part of the Portfolio Asset Allocation and Diversification story

by Danny O’Leary, Head of Seaspray Private, Oct 2020 Structured Product Investments – An integral part of the Portfolio Asset Allocation and Diversification story In this article, we take a detailed look at a non-traditional investment strategy – Structured Products; What are Structured Products? Is there a market for Structured Products? Is there a coherent […]

Monthly Investment Update – July & August 2020

As we edge towards the end of the most highly anticipated earnings season since the Great Financial Crisis, volatility and daily traded volumes have remained low, as is often the case with investment markets during the summer months. Looking back at our 2020 Investment Outlook from the New-Year feels somewhat surreal given the events that […]

Half-Year Investment Review & Outlook

Summary After an extremely volatile first quarter, in which the world underwent some massive changes in a very short period of time, not to mention the fastest 30% drawdown in the history of global equities, the global economy spent much of Q2 getting itself back on track, with the reopening of individual economies each in […]

Covid -19, A Good News Mortgage Story!

July 1st, 2020 Covid -19, A Good News Mortgage Story! Clients get lender approval during lockdown…. Caroline O’Sullivan ,Co. Meath ,moving into her new home ,pictured with Seaspray Mortgages MD, Paul McGowan. Caroline started the mortgage application process with Seaspray during lockdown and completed at the end of June. Evidence that for mortgages, it’s business as usual for […]